Pickleball Scoreboard pt 4- Bluetooth Frustrations

26 January 2019

I’ve been working on an off on the Bluetooth component of my design for a while now, and I keep hitting roadblock after roadblock. First, the HC05 module I had wasn’t discoverable, so I tried to edit it with the AT commands, which I couldn’t get working. Then somehow it became discoverable (I have no idea why), but only on the old android I had for testing purposes, not the smartwatch that I was going to use. Even if I got that working, I wouldn’t really know how to go about making a smartwatch app. In light of all this, I’m going to give up on the Bluetooth.

I’m going to try to use an IR sensor instead to communicate to the scoreboard. I did some cursory searching and there are some IR controls with wrist straps that may be suitable for wearing during pickleball. Luckily, I already own a universal remote and IR sensor, as it came with a starter kit my dad gave me over winter break.

Also, for reference here’s a photo of the wiring for the HC05. It’s the standard design that you could find on pretty much any HC05 tutorial. The red wire that’s not connected is the one I used to activate pin 34, which is the pin that puts the module into AT command mode.